Glass in the Garden

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How Can You Use Glass in the Garden?

Swirled Moisaic Glass Mulch - Active Art and ScienceThere are so many creative things you can do with tumbled stained glass, and one of the really beautiful ideas is using it in your garden.

Using stained glass in your garden is:

  • Safe – the glass has been tumbled so there are no sharp edges.
  • Eco-friendly
    • It is recycle glass
    • It doesn’t put off toxins t0 harm the soil or pollute the air.
  • Great for drainage as it allows water to flow freely through it, then acting as a mulch it holds the water in the soil longer.
  • Beautiful! Using the wonderful color of stained glass, you can create designs and accents that will stay in place.
  • Long lasting, it will not fade with age and need to be replaced frequently.
  • A fun project the entire family can participate in.

You can use it directly on the ground or create a piece of art

Stained Glass Stream Bed - Active Art and Science

Create a Stream Bed

Use Tumbled glass as garden mulch - Active Art and Science

Mulch Around Plants

Birdbath from mosaic glass - Active Art and Science

Create Outdoor Art

Use Stained Glass around sculptures - Active Art and Science
Enhance Yard Sculptures














These are just a few of the beautiful looks and objects you can create for your garden, I bet you can think of many more…

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