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Does Your School Need to Raise Money?

Image of Try a different fundraiser than a bake sale - Active Art and ScienceIf your school is looking for ways to raise money, you’re probably trying to find something just a little bit new, exciting and fun.

Most of us are getting somewhat weary of the traditional projects:

  • Bake Sales
  • Door to door candy sales
  • Selling items from magazines
  • Walk-a-thons

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these ideas, but it would be nice to change things up a bit, and involve the children in the fundraiser a little bit differently.

Try a fundraising auction

Fall or Spring auctions can be a lot of fun and very profitable too. Along with inviting people to donate items to your auction, you can also let children help create some original pieces that will be the “star of the show”, and bring a good price too.

Read this brief testimonial from one of our clients who is more than satisfied…

Image of Mosaic Art Table is great for fundraising - Active Art and ScienceHi Tim,

Our Mosaics Table Project was a great success! The children, who were in the lower elementary class (ages 6 to 9), had fun designing their tiles and seeing the project come together.  All the children wanted their parents to be the winning bid because they liked the table so much!
This project was an item for the school’s Spring Auction and the winning bid was $650!! It was a fun project and we would do it again in the future.
Jacqueline G. – Classroom Parent – Boston, MA
Thank you!

Unleash the creativity of kids

We all know how creative kids can be. Give your class or group the opportunity to express that creativity, the beauty of their project will be amazing!

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